The truth is in the cards


Valana is the daughter of the Head of her Family, she is by nature a seer, her family are the Kamii. She is five foot eight inches tall, she has auburn hair and black eyes. She dresses in the traditional style of the Vistani. She appears to be about seventeen or eighteen years of age, which is a wide gap between herself and her older brother Carloni.

A colorful purple wrap around her head, she wears numerous thin golden bangles. A white balloon sleeved blouse with a close fitting purple vest laced up. An ankle length skirt of black, white and purple. Her feet are bare save for the toe rings, and two anklets.

She carries with her tarot cards.


Born later in life, she was a surprise to her parents, Scarengji and Ryana who dote on her as much as they use her divining abilities to help feed the family. A thing that the young woman does to serve those she loves. Valana is the sister of Carloni, the aunt of Lark, Delana and Caregenji.

She is well loved in her family if not a little bit shy, she gives readings , truthful readings many people do not want to know the truth, she can not help but give it with her cards. She tends to stay hidden when they encounter new people, mostly because she is still young, others would say that it is because her gifts command her from time to time.


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